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Ege University HIV / AIDS Practice and Research Center (EGEHAUM) was founded in July 2009 and is affiliated with the Rectorate of Ege University.

EGEHAUM Activities


  • Counseling services for people living with HIV (Patient Counseling Unit)
    • Medical consulting
    • Psychological counseling
    • Nutritional counseling
    • Peer counseling


  • Educational Activities
    • Informing people living with HIV
    • Training of health workers


  • Publications
    • Periodicals
      • HIV Treatment Bulletin (triannual since 2010)
    • Others
  • Protection and prevention activities
  • Scientific research




EGEHAUM serves more than 600 patients as of July 2018.

The operation of EGEHAUM Patient Counseling Unit is as follows:


Baseline Assessment

  • HIV-positive patients who first present to the Ege University Medical Faculty of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Department will be directed to EGEHAUM by the registration officers.
  • The center office secretary talks with the patient and gives an appointment for testing and measurements.
  • After the test results are available an appointment is made to see the clinician.
  • The clinician sees the patient and opens a medical file for the patient.
  • If requested by the patient, the patient will be contacted by a peer counselor.


Follow-up visits


  • The patient calls the office secretary and makes an appointment.
  • After registering with the hospital system on the appointment day, the patient is seen by the patient advisor.
  • The patient's pulse, blood pressure, body weight and waist circumference are measured.
  • Routine tests are ordered.
  • The patient goes to the lab and gives blood.
  • The patient then talks with the doctor to get the medication prescription.


Interpretation of test results and notification to the patient


  • Test results usually reach the clinician the next day. The results of some tests may take longer.
  • The clinician reviews the results and makes comments.
  • If the test results are normal, the patient is not notified.
  • If necessary, the patient is called to conduct further tests, repeat the tests, or be referred to other areas of expertise.


Counseling by phone or e-mail


  • The center's phone number +90 (232) 390 29 68 is answered by the office secretary or a patient advisor.
  • Questions received via e-mail ( are directed to the clinician by the office secretary or a patient advisor.



EGEHAUM currently occupies three rooms in the clinical building of Ege University Medical Faculty Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Department.


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